Interested in helping the city collect information for the Lakewood Downtown Plan? You can help! There are three ways to get more involved:

  1. Show us something about your experience in Downtown Lakewood by making an entry for an Urban Diary. You can write, sketch, photograph, or record your entry – check out these tips.
  2. Invite your friends and neighbors over to talk about their ideas for Lakewood’s Downtown. Use the materials in the community-led meeting packet to help you do it! 
  3. Collect ideas from your friends using Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Just choose a picture (right click to copy) and comment below and post it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You could also create your own!  Be sure to use the hashtag #LakewoodDowntownPlan
  • What’s your dream for Downtown Lakewood? #LakewoodDowntownPlan More info:
  • What do you like about Downtown Lakewood now? #LakewoodDowntownPlan More info:
  • What stands in the way of a great Downtown for Lakewood? #LakewoodDowntownPlan More info:
  • How do we create a community for all in Downtown Lakewood? #LakewoodDowntownPlan More info: