Hello Lakewood!

The City of Lakewood turned 20 in 2016. Since the City incorporated the community has consistently identified urban design and creating a stronger sense of place and community identity as a high priority. As a newer city Lakewood never developed a traditional downtown or main street that is found in many older cities. The Lakewood Downtown Plan is an opportunity to build upon past planning efforts to achieve progress on the community's vision for a Downtown.

To develop the plan and priorities the City will be engaging the community so your voice can be heard. We want to hear from you! In collaboration with the City Council and Planning Commission, we developed a public participation plan to identify outreach and engagement activities designed to help us listen to the community, generate big ideas, and come up with a great downtown plan. Priorities may include new parks and open spaces, street improvements to support walking and biking, new community facilities such as a library, events and placemaking in public spaces, new housing options, job opportunities, and support for new businesses and local services.

This website will be updated frequently with the latest project updates and you can sign up to receive updates via email.  Check the events page for upcoming public outreach events including a design charrette in November.

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Farmer’s Market – September 5, 2017

What do you want to do in Downtown Lakewood? That’s a question we asked of folks at the Lakewood Farmer’s Market on September 5th. Here are some ideas we heard on how to make Downtown Lakewood the place you want to be.