Big Ideas for Downtown

On December 11 and December 13, 2017, the Downtown plan team presented visioning outreach and design charrette results to the City Council and Planning Commission. See the summary presentation here.

Big ideas for Downtown include:

  • 2 to 4-acre park near City Hall
  • Green street loop with improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities
  • Site for additional civic uses near City Hall
  • Improved public street grid in the Towne Center
  • Gateways along major arterials at the entrance to Downtown
  • Road diet and multi-use path on Gravelly Lake Drive
  • Catalyst sites for redevelopment
  • Connection to active park
  • Motor Avenue Improvements
  • Restore Seely Lake Park

Overall Concept Plan:

2017_1129 Lakewood Downtown Overall Concept Plan-01-01.jpg

The Lakewood Towne Center is one of several catalyst sites that could help transform the Downtown into a mixed-use area with civic amenities, walkable streets, housing, entertainment, restaurants, retail, and other employment.

Take a three-dimensional tour of possible options for future development in the Towne Center area, narrated by Seth Harry, an urban designer on the project team. The video illustrates ideas that grew out of the Downtown design charrette and outreach results. The ideas shown represent a range of future options and are not specific development plans.

Next Steps: Options for the Towne Center along with the “big ideas” across the Downtown will be evaluated in a Draft Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement anticipated the first quarter of 2018. At that time, the City of Lakewood will host additional opportunities for public, property owner, and agency comment to help shape a preferred plan.