Downtown Lakewood

The Downtown includes the Town Center, Colonial, and East Commercial Districts. The study area is over 300 acres. The Downtown plan will build up past planning efforts and describe a vision, land use and design, gathering places, and action strategies for Lakewood’s central business district or “Downtown”.

Lakewood CBD Overlay Detail - 2018_1031 - no parks.jpg

What can a downtown plan do for the Lakewood Community?

The Downtown Plan will be strategic and action oriented identifying steps, strategies, partnerships, and funding opportunities that:

  • Create a shared conceptual master plan for a district that is thriving, diverse, livable, sustainable, and engaging.

  • Work with businesses and property owners on strategies to retain current businesses and attract new businesses.

  • Work with developers and property owners to add quality housing choices in a mixed-use pattern.

  • Target opportunities for attractive and active recreational and community spaces.

  • Develop a holistic strategy for circulation and parking, a streetscape beautification plan, and a downtown trail system that connects businesses, parks, and other community destinations.

  • Establish standards for design that would be implemented over time with new development including a form-based code. A form-based code is flexible for land uses but detailed on the look and placement of buildings, landscaping, streets, and parking.

  • Identify catalyst sites that present the opportunity to create or stimulate development.

  • Identify public/private investment strategies and phasing to make the plan come to life.

  • Provide tools that fast-track permitting for permit applications that meet the Downtown Vision through a Planned Action that does the environmental “homework” ahead of time and lays down clear rules for the community and developers.

How does this Downtown Plan relate to the Comprehensive Plan?

The Lakewood Downtown Plan is not intended to “re-vision” the community’s 2014 Vision Plan. Rather the Downtown Plan will complement the Comprehensive Plan and provide a reality-based strategy for achieving a 21st century downtown for today’s and tomorrow’s Lakewood community.